Search: Is life insurance necessary when young?

Is life insurance necessary when young?

Is life insurance necessary when young?

Participating in life insurance is completely voluntary. Young people who have been insured are those who have bigger visions and think more for the future of themselves and their families. They have in mind solicitude that only when they have become middle-aged people, when they have experienced enough losses and difficulties in life, did they realize the importance of it.

And if you ask them why taking life insurance when they were so young, they would answer you like this:

Because the cost of paying premiums will be higher in middle age:

Joining life insurance is like finding a risk-sharing person with. The greater the risk, the higher the premium. And the risk in life insurance is calculated by age or job. It is obvious that in middle age, our health declines, and we are ill more often than the dawn of life. If you want a low-cost life insurance, join when you are still young!

Because if there is a risk, our youth will pass more easily:

We are insured because of thinking like this: if at this age we face risks at work or accidents, then the insured amount will help us recover faster. Because we also have youth and good resistance. We also have more opportunities to overcome financial risks to fulfill our dreams and ambitions. We want to be insured for the most beautiful and ambitious time. For instance, we have like a singer from abroad who buys insurance for her vocal, a model that buys insurance for his feet.

Because we don’t want to be a burden:

Think about it, being old enough to be independent for our own lives; if we risk, parents must take care, incur additional burden. But we don’t want parents to suffer for us anymore. We also have young children, they need to be nurtured to the best, and life insurance will help us do that!

Because if there were no external problems, we would have a good savings for old age:

It’s a little far off for the future, at that age, nobody would want to bother you and so would your grandchildren. That’s when the money saved for tens of years will help us do whatever we want to do when our hair was still blue but hadn’t had the opportunity to make it such as traveling or investing in gardens, birds, etc… The savings will somewhat make our old age much more comfortable and easier!

Because we want to prove the modernity and knowledge of us:

Being a person who is open minded about knowledge: Know how to explore, consider and realize the necessity of life insurance, understand the Insurance Business Law to smash all doubts.

Prove that you are valuable: Each insurance policy has the benefit of life value (death), when you are aware that you are valuable, every thought and action will be very different from those people keep in their mind the word “whatever”

Be a trusted person: Banks in Vietnam provide loans through life insurance contracts, because they believe: A person with life insurance is someone who knows how to manage finance, and able to repay the loan. That’s right: The customer borrows money but unfortunately dies, the compensation from the life insurance contract is enough to repay the bank always.

Those are the reasons to believe that life insurance is extremely good for anyone who is young – become a modern, open and caring youth class in everything in life.

In Vietnam, there are many life insurance products suitable for young people like us:

Long-term life insurance AVIVA: With a long-term maturity, flexible payment methods and the best benefits for customers, this insurance package is one of the good insurance options if You want to take out insurance when you’re young.

Prudential’s Life Insurance: There is a support product for you to take care of and maintain your family finances. Single people can buy in preparation for the upcoming family life. Family members buy to show love and financial protection for those they love in risky situations.

Life insurance of Bao Viet:

Both effective for investment, saving and life insurance, this is a multi-utility package of life insurance. Customers can choose products that allow maturity, end the contract at the rare age of 90-100 years old. At the end of the insurance, the amount received can be more than 80 times the cost of insurance to pay a year – A huge number!

Generali “Life-Safe” Life Insurance:

Comprehensive insurance coverage until 85 years old. The increased protection benefits up to 150% of the insured amount from 10th Anniversary Contract. You will receive an additional 20% Sum Assured when you are diagnosed with a Sexual Disease or Coronary artery disease. Moreover, comprehensive hospital fee support including outpatient, inpatient, surgery up to 2 million VNĐ per day, fulfilling your family’s spending needs with cash benefits that guarantee regular payments


We have a lot of choices in life, work choices, love, accommodation options or lifestyle choices, etc. But when there were risks, we would have few options to choose after all. This may be true in many cases, but not with insurance. Life insurance will help you keep the opportunity at your hand, even in the most difficult situation! As those who are living and experiencing their most beautiful youth, show your superiority by thinking about the practical benefits of life insurance and choosing a suitable insurance product, bring many benefits in the future! 

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